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MendMeShop Treatment Instructions

At MendMeShop, we know that purchasing your healing devices has put you on the right path to healing. Following the treatment protocol below will guide you to use the devices correctly and help to reduce your pain and heal your injury properly.

The treatment protocols are recommended to achieve optimal results. However, if you are only able to fulfill part of the daily treatment schedule you will still see results; your healing time may just take a little longer.

All treatment protocol outlined below is a guideline only and not intended to replace a health care professional’s advice.

The treatment protocol outlined below is the general recommendation for soft tissue injuries; however, everyone reacts to different kinds of treatment in different ways. You may realize that three ultrasound treatments are too much and instead choose to do it twice a day. Also, how much time you have throughout the day will determine your healing schedule. When combining treatments for example, a morning and evening treatment of Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ is recommended. However, if time in your morning schedule does not permit, similar results can be achieved in lesser time by having a 5-15 minute ultrasound treatment. You can then incorporate an Inferno Wrap™ treatment later in the day (i.e. after work), when you have more time.

Cold One® Cold Compression Wrap Treatment Protocol

Inferno Wrap™ Treatment Protocol

Combined Treatment Protocol - Cold Compression, Ultrasound, Inferno Wrap™

Cold One® Cold Compression Wrap Treatment

In the case of both chronic pain and acute related injuries, we recommend you use your cold compression wrap after flare ups or physical exertion to reduce any resulting pain and inflammation. Your cold compression wrap can be used any time throughout the day for an immediate response to pain, inflammation and swelling. Follow these instructions for optimal usage:

  1. To achieve optimum icing effect, place the entire Cold One® wrap in the freezer and freeze completely (approximately 2-3 hours). Cold One® wraps can be stored in the freeze so they are ready for immediate use.
  2. Wrap the frozen wrap around the treatment area being sure to place the baffled gel pockets over the most inflamed or painful area wherever possible.
  3. Wrap as tightly as possible without feeling discomfort. Fasten the wrap to itself using the Velcro. It is important that you secure the wrap as tightly as is comfortable to enjoy the maximum benefits of compression therapy.
  4. Elevate the treatment area whenever possible and use pillows or bolsters to aid elevation.
  5. Rest if possible and wear your wrap for 15 – 20 minutes depending on the treatment area. For areas with less fat, skin or muscle decrease treatment time to 10 minutes. Keeping the wrap on any longer may result in skin irritation and provides no additional therapeutic benefit.
  6. Remove the wrap and return to freezer for future use.
  7. Allow the area to return to normal body temperature (60-90 minutes) before applying Ultrasound or Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ treatments.

Inferno Wrap Treatment™ - Blood Flow Simulation Therapy™

To get the most from your Inferno Wrap, use the device 2-4 times per day, for 30-45 minutes periods. Follow these instructions for optimal usage of your Inferno Wrap:

  1. Attach the temperature controller to the adapter provided; then attach the temperature controller to the wire coming from the wrap.
  2. Plug the adapter into your wall socket (120vac – North American power).
  3. Place the device so that the Energy Web™ is directly around the area you will be treating.
  4. Wrap the device tightly, yet comfortably around your body and fasten the Velcro end to the wrap.
  5. Press the power button once; this is the button on the temperature control with the red icon.
  6. This will default the device to the lowest power setting (1). Press the button two more times to raise the temperature to the highest heat setting (3); the number of lights lit will increase as the temperature is raised.
  7. Keep the device on high setting 3 for 5 minutes to heat up the Energy Web™.
  8. After 5 minutes, adjust the heat to a lower temperature according to your comfort level.
  9. After your treatment is over (ideally a total of 30-45 minutes), press the power button until no lights are lit next to the power settings and unplug the device from the wall socket.

As your injury heals and the pain subsides, you will reduce the number of treatments per day. We suggest a treatment first thing each morning, to relax the damaged tissue and increase blood flow. A treatment before going to bed again will relax the area.

In the case of chronic conditions and inflammation, it is best to limit use to once a day only.

Leave 2-3 hours in between treatments and be sure that the knee is at body temperature before beginning treatment.

Do not use any topical ointment on the treatment area up to 1 hour prior to treatment.

Combined Treatment Protocol

When used as individual treatment devices, you will receive pain relief and healing from all our MendMeShop products. However, the combination of Cold Compression Therapy, Ultrasound and Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ treatments will give you the best chance to recover from the nagging soft tissue injuries that negatively affect your life.

How to Combine Treatments

When you experience a flare up of chronic pain or immediately after (and up to 72 hours following) a common soft tissue injury, doctors recommend using your Cold Compression Wrap for R.I.C.E. This acronym stands for REST, ICE, COMPRESSION, and ELEVATION. Cold Compression should also be applied when any re-injury or further inflammation occurs during the healing process. Your Cold Compression Wrap provides you with the optimum device to treat with COMPRESSION and ICE and you are able to provide the REST and ELEVATION.

The next step is to use Ultrasound to reduce pain, inflammation and the amount of scar tissue forming. At this point in the healing process, combining Ultrasound with Inferno Wrap™ treatments is recommended for optimal results. Combining 3 Ultrasound treatments with 2 Inferno Wrap™ treatments each day for the first 2 weeks will reduce pain and scar tissue and kick start the healing process. During the third week, Ultrasound treatments are reduced to 3 times a day, every other day. Inferno Wrap™ treatments may also be reduced to 1 per day depending on your body's reaction to the treatments. Finally in the fourth week of treatment, do not use Ultrasound but rather allow your body to rest. However, Inferno Wrap™ treatments may continue.

Remember, this is only a guideline for general soft tissue injuries and your treatment schedule will depend on the location and severity of the injury as well as the time you have available for treatment. Please call our customer advisors if you have any questions.

An Inferno Wrap™ treatment also beneficial for warm up before activity and during the cool down period following activity once your injury is healed and no longer inflamed.

Sample Daily Treatment Schedule

Once the initial inflammation has been reduced with your Cold Compression Wrap a treatment schedule similar to the one outlined below should be followed. (This is a sample only and adjustments can be made to suit your individual schedule.) As healing progresses, fewer treatments are necessary. Refer to the treatment guides provided with your products for further details or call our customer advisors. Pay attention to how your body is responding to the treatments, it can be your best guide.

7 am - Inferno Wrap™ treatment (30-45 minutes)

10 am - Ultrasound treatment (5-15 minutes)

2 pm - Ultrasound treatment (5-15 minutes)

6 pm - Ultrasound treatment (5-15 minutes)

9 pm – Inferno Wrap™ treatment (30-45 minutes)

The treatment protocols are recommended to achieve maximum results. However, if you are only able to fulfill part of the daily treatment schedule you will still see effective results.

Consult your doctor before beginning any treatments.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions regarding our therapeutic products and your treatment options, please contact a MendMeShop Advisor for assistance. You can be assured all your questions will be answered in a thorough and courteous manner by our trained staff.

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