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Joint Injury Prevention

Injury prevention is possible if you are prepared for your activity, both physically and mentally. Don't succumb to the weekend warrior syndrome by doing more than your physical fitness level allows. You also need to balance activity and training with rest to avoid overuse injuries.

Outfit Yourself With Proper Equipement

Dressing the part and wearing proper attire for you activity is of utmost importance such as footwear that provides adequate support and comfort for activities such as long walks or hiking will help protect against ankle and knee injuries. Wearing proper protective gear such as wrist guards and knee pads for more strenuous activities like rollerblading is also important to protect not just from sprains and strains but also more serious, fractures.


Always use proper body mechanics in sports involving repetitive stress to the upper extremities like tennis, baseball and golf. If necessary, get skills training from a certified coach or instructor.

Injury Warning Signs

Listen to your body. Pain is a warning sign of injury. You should not work through pain, but stop or slow your activity until the pain subsides.

Before Your Activity

Warming up with streching exersises before any activity is one of the most important things you can do to avoid an injury durring you activity.

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Joint Facts:


Stop forearm pain - 100% Guaranteed To Reduce Pain and Swelling.

Doctors and physical therapists recommend ice and compression to reduce back pain and swelling in sore, strained or overused muscles, especially in the lower back.

This universal leg wrap can be provide cold compression to the shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring.

Foot Injury Therapy: 100% Guaranteed to Reduce Plantar Pain and Foot Swelling.

Our Cold Compression Shoulder Wrap provides quick and efficient relief of swelling and pain from an active sprain, shoulder strain, whiplash, or tight upper back muscles.

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